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Welcome to The Healer’s Miraculous Discovery!

Welcome To My Blog! by @SRobbinsAuthor #welcome #writer #book

Writing The Book

This is my first book, and admittedly, it’s a big surprise, as I’m the last person you would ever expect to write a full-length novel. Many of my friends and colleagues have asked about how I decided to give this a try a few years ago and what goes into actually doing it.

In addition, I’ve had several readers ask about how much of the book is autobiographical. In fact, many parts of the story were closely based upon events that really happened, although admittedly, I changed the names to avoid legal entanglements.

Writing What You Know

It’s said that you should write what you know, so much of the book takes place in northeast Ohio. I grew up and lived in the area for much of my life, so Cleveland history and events in the 1960s play a major role in The Healer.

Welcome To My Blog! by @SRobbinsAuthor #welcome #writer #book #blog

In this space, I’ll be coming out with the book’s backstory, and a lot of fun Cleveland-based history and trivia, much of it from firsthand experience. In the meantime, I hope you’ll look at the book itself, which is available at every major online bookstore from Amazon to Barnes and Noble or at store.bookbaby.com.

If you want a printed copy, it’s half off the cover price at store.bookbaby.com if you use the code Healer50 with a capital H. These blog posts will make much more sense if you’ve read the book.

I really do hope that you’ll tune in and enjoy the blog. Let me know of any questions or comments! See you soon.


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The Healer’s Miraculous Discovery is highly recommended for libraries looking for crossovers between sci-fi and fictional representations of personal and social change. Its plausible possibilities create many insights and reflections that readers won’t see coming.”

~ Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Welcome To My Blog! by @SRobbinsAuthor #welcome #writer #book


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