The Healer’s Miraculous Discovery

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Published by: BookBaby
Release Date: November 16, 2022
Pages: 362
ISBN13: 978-1667865614


When Stevie Katz discovers a mysterious object on the shelves of his family's store, his life changes forever. The object gives him the power to heal the sick and wounded, and a few freak accidents draw the public eye to his newfound abilities. Because he never reveals the source of his power, those around him begin to believe he's some sort of divine being or messiah. Over time, Stevie begins to believe that he has come to save society from itself. When he transitions into televangelism as an adult, his devoted following grows, and he begins to build an empire fueled by his misplaced power.

The story is set amidst the racial upheaval, Vietnam War protests, and the challenging of traditional American values that fuel the turbulence of 1960s, Cleveland. The Healer's Miraculous Discovery is part historical fiction and part science fiction. The underlying message stems from a lifelong search for the roots of faith, comparative religion, and secular humanism. The book is designed for readers looking for an entertaining, engaging story with a powerful philosophical substance.


The Healer's Miraculous Discovery is a mesmeric book wherein the debate between faith and science takes center stage in the world of Stevie Katz... Robbins has written an extraordinary book with tremendous appeal.”
Seattle Book Review, 5/5 stars

The Healer's Miraculous Discovery is filled with complex philosophical concepts that will stay with you long after you finish reading... If individuals challenged everything they believed in the manner Stephen A. Robbins’ characters do, the world would experience a far more enlightened reality than its current state.”
San Diego Book Review, four stars

“Readers who look for tales that begin with individual experience but blossom into broader quests for truth and life meaning will find the questions raised in The Healer's Miraculous Discovery to be thought-provoking... The Healer's Miraculous Discovery is highly recommended for libraries looking for crossovers between sci-fi and fictional representations of personal and social change. Its plausible possibilities create many insights and reflections that readers won't see coming.”
Midwest Book Review

“I enjoyed this book so much. I love Cleveland and Cleveland stories, and this is one of best.”
Thomas Kelly, Best-selling author of The Vatican Cookbook and The Summer of 54

The Healer's Miraculous Discovery is an inventive story that offers an intriguing blend of historical fiction and science fiction... The author is an effective writer and storyteller, able to maintain the reader's engagement throughout... This is a highly original work, with a unique plot line that doesn't fit neatly into a genre.”
The BookLife Prize